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Life Coaching With Fariya Resilience

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Life Coaching With Fariya Diversity, a new norm

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Life Coaching With Fariya Quantum Physics basics

Do you want to hear a true story of courage?

Will you be interested to know how a girl who was born in India came to New Zealand alone to make her dreams come true? Being clutched by expectations, stereotypes, despair, and grief for years find how she continued to move forward on her path. In spite of being ridiculed by people for being different, being mocked for dreaming, being criticized for believing in herself, she constructed a path for her self-growth and discovery.

This is story of courage, self-believe and resilience. This is real. This is an encounter with life itself.

Find how she continued to study year after year against all odds? Ask her about the value of education, ask her about price of learning. Ask her about the sacrifices she made to pursue her love for learning. Find how she continued to move forward, how she continued to study and how she continued to believe.

Story of courage

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

-Anaïs Nin

There was a spouse who supported her and there was a child who trusted her. With a smile on a face and tears in her eyes she made a promise to her 6 years old child that we will meet again. She told him “Be strong, be kind and know that you are loved, you are loved very much. We will meet again.” She knew she had to do it and so she did.

She decided to travel alone to a place where she knew no body. No body. Leaving behind a child, a home and all materialistic possessions she decided to travel alone to New Zealand. Soon after the arrival there were other hardships that were waiting for her. What made her continue on the path of hardships? How has she maintained to thrive against all odds? How she got her child and her life back? It is a narrative of surviving against all odds, meeting the real self, and not giving up till the end.

Listen to her story to find; What gave her the courage to continue on her path of self-discovery? How did she overcome the challenges that came to scare her? What made her the woman she is today? What message does she have for you?

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Vanessa O’Rourke

Fariya is an amazing personable lady who talks with passion and energy. Talks from a place of real belief in what she is teaching. An empowering and authentic experience. Workshop rating: 10/10

Vanessa O'Rourke
Life Coach


It is a great learning experience. You may know things already but a life coach can provide you a proper path for doing things and put you in the right place. You need someone with experience and Fariya has it!! Workshop rating: 10/10


Lynn Green

“Fariya, you have no idea how life-changing your quantum physics lessons have impacted me. I have shared it with so many people now. I was blown away by your talk on quantum physics. It explained so much and made such great sense. I am now so aware of energy waves and vibes between people. I miss you already. Bless you, xxx”

Lynn Green
Coach and Entrepreneur


Fariya is a non-judgmental and accepting life coach who instantly made me feel comfortable and safe. She has a warm and open approach and can lighten the mood with her sense of humor. The thing I liked the most about Fariya is her wisdom; she is intuitive, insightful, and easily makes connections.



It is a great learning experience. You may know things already but a life coach can provide you a proper path for doing things and put you in the right place. You need someone with experience and Fariya has it!! Workshop rating: 10/10

IT Professional


To be able to see life differently with a perspective of Science, understand energies with in you and people around you, feel gratitude about what you have, join this event! Workshop rating: 10/10