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Fariya is a wealth of knowledge and excels in her field. Not only is she warm, caring, and intuitive but Fariya is also intelligent, articulate, and wise. She conveys complex concepts in a way that is easily understood and provides practical application for these concepts to benefit her audience and clients. I would highly recommend engaging Fariya’s services.

Emma Hall, Financial advisor, and Entrepreneur

I first met Fariya as if by divine unfolding, our paths crossed and it felt meant to be. Ever since meeting her I have enjoyed and marveled at her wisdom. There have been many times when Fariya has seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear to move forward on my path. Her metaphors are my favorite, she once likened my love life to a peach tree and shifted my perspective on the worth I was placing on myself by being a people pleaser. I genuinely cherish Fariya and the wisdom she so generously shares and I support her new journey as a life coach wholeheartedly. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a gorgeous guide, with love and thanks.

Ballentyne Haines, Actress and Film Maker
Motivational! Positive! Clarity especially in goals and in seeing where your life is now versus where you want to be.

Workshop rating: 10/10

Jasmine, Technician
Learned about being grateful, positive thinking, and being yourself !!

Workshop rating: 10/10

Seema Sharma, Banker
I felt empowered and energised after the sessions with Fariya. I also felt my perspective had shifted so that I was looking at the big picture. The things I have discovered about myself have connected me to my ‘essence’ and have given insight into who I am at my best and what I can do to find flow with life- outside of external and societal expectations. This has made me feel empowered and excited.
Cathy, Teacher
It is a great learning experience. You may know things already but a life coach can provide you a proper path for doing things and put you in the right place. You need someone with experience and Fariya has it!!

Workshop rating: 10/10

Kishore, IT Professional
“Fariya, you have no idea how life-changing your quantum physics lessons have impacted me. I have shared it with so many people now. I was blown away by your talk on quantum physics. It explained some much and made such great sense. I am now so aware of energy waves and vibes between people. I miss you already. Bless you, xxx”
Lynn Green, Coach and Entrepreneur

Fariya is a non-judgmental and accepting life coach who instantly made me feel comfortable and safe. She has a warm and open approach and can lighten the mood with her sense of humor. The thing I liked the most about Fariya is her wisdom; she is intuitive, insightful, and easily makes connections.

Jo, Teacher
I have tangible steps to take and Fariya is supporting me to take these in my life. Fariya could break the steps down to make next steps seem manageable and realistic.
I felt hugely valued, loved and understood. Fariya was so present and connected to my story through the entire session.
Thank you for the inspiring session and an easy understanding of the positive approach in both spiritual and practical life management. Well done.

Workshop rating: 10/10

Jackie Hendricks, Restaurant Owner and Entrepreneur
To be able to see life differently with a perspective of Science, understand energies within you and people around you, feel gratitude about what you have, join this event!

Workshop rating: 10/10

Raman, Engineer
What I learned in today’s session is that you have to love yourself, know your energies and vibrations. I also learned about the Human Brain, the Gratitude, and the energy of our language.

xx 10/10

Anita Savant, Home Maker
I found Fariya’s presentation engaging, stimulating and full of information that expanded my knowledge and expanded my views. Thought provoking along with entertaining. Fariya reached into the audience at a personal level, connecting with the group and Individuals. I look forward to hearing future presentations.
Sara Irvine, Owner Powerhoop Nelson and Fitness Coach
I think Fariya has got this amazing positive energy and her passion to help others is incredible.
Fariya is very kind and will genuinely listen to your problems and understand and work very closely with you to get things organized whether your struggling with your personal or professional lives. We both are extremely happy and highly recommend Fariya as a Life coach.

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